Means "About me" in Mauritian Kréol.

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Hi, my name is Bibiana Walburga Manancourt.

I also go by Bibi, Bieb, Bibtiana, Beebz and Mula Bibi.

I can never really pick who I want to be, but I luckily don't have to

That is also why I am a multidisciplinary creative.

Whether it's about creating and visualising concepts, art direction, 

filmmaking or even making music; I like to tell stories. Within these stories

I try to incorporate my perspective as a woman of mixed race,

and my strong fascination for pop culture. 

I am currently studying advertising at the Willem de Kooning academy. 

With a critical stance towards the traditional advertising industry, I want to 

use my communicative skills to create more meaningful work,

in which ethics meet aesthetics.